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I purchased Full version before
On iOS : If you purchased the premium app, please contact us at and send us the related Apple's invoice to obtain compensation.
On Android : Enter your purchase receipt id (GPA.XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX from in the main menu, settings, redeem code.

I can't play level 2 or further in MIRAI 'story / Levels are not working
Update your iOS version to 10.2, then delete and reinstall the game.

Be sure you are connected to iCloud before deleting for your progression to be saved.

How can I watch Kaito story again?
To replay the scenes with text messages, you have to tap the little "Music Note" bottom right corner in Kaito's Bedroom. Each sequence is linked to a dream, so if you want to replay the story which appears before Dream 5 for example, you have to be on the "Dream 5 menu".


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